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I love butterflies; they are a symbol of rebirth, transformation, change, hope, joy and new beginnings.  So my motto is simply ‘Free the Butterfly’.

My name is Sharon Briggs and I, like most women, wear many hats. First and foremost I am a mum; not ‘just’ a mum but I have managed to somehow bring up two well-balanced children, relatively unscathed, apart from the odd mishap (for instance, losing my toddler son in Ikea or him rolling off his changing table as a baby (luckily he bounced) and several hospital visits – for a broken arm, forehead injury (he has a very cool Harry Potter scar) and putting a raisin up his nose (twice)). My son is a typical boy some would say but he is funny, sweet and very loving. My daughter however is a different kettle of fish altogether; with sports injuries being her main stay she is a kind, considerate and loving girl, with a zest for life and the drive to succeed in everything she does. As a parent I feel like I am a juggler at the circus with every day bringing different demands – I wouldn’t change it for anything though!

I am currently working part time for a charity as a Project & Community Development Officer which I love as I get to meet and network with so many different inspiring people who do so much voluntary work for their organisations and charities. Previous roles have seen me working in recruitment, PR and Safer Communities within the Police and various volunteering positions including as a Family Support Worker. My new venture is working freelance for the SAFE Project where I support children and young people who are affected by crime, bullying, domestic abuse and sexual violence. I have over 25 years experience of working with children so I feel I am well placed to help the parents and children that come to visit Free the Butterfly. My thirst for knowledge sees me as the eternal student, forever studying so I can offer more therapies to my practice. I have a ‘bucket’ list as long as my arm to complete but I am slowly ticking things off when I can.

For my own personal journey I think it was a natural progression to eventually open my own business, not only to do something I love but to carry on helping people to achieve their own goals and improve their health, well-being and outlook for a more successful life.

Allow me to help you Free the Butterfly within.


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