Womens Wellbeing

Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go

through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful’

Do you ever find yourself asking the following?:

  • I used to be such a together personbutterfly
  • What is going on with me?
  • I feel so stressed and angry all the time
  • I can’t seem to make everyone in my family happy
  • I used to be calm now I get cross at the simplest of things
  • I feel like I am stuck in a rut
  • I have lost a sense of myself
  • I worry all the time

Here at Free the Butterfly I help women to rediscover the balance within their lives and help them to make the positive changes needed to achieve this.

If you need help stepping out of your comfort zone, dealing with health issues, postnatal depression, parenting issues (including attachment and bonding), getting back to work, keeping a happy work/life/home balance or achieving all those things you have always wanted to do then contact me, I can help you Free Your Butterfly within.

  • A free exploratory call this can be done either over the phone or face to face.
  • Each individual 60 minute session will cost £35
  • Reflexology – 1 hour session £20
  • Natural Face Lift Massage – 1 hour session £25, block book 5 sessions £100 (£20 per session)
  • Indian Head Massage – 1 hour session £20 1/2 hour £10
  • Payment is either by cash, cheque or paypal and a 24 hour cancellation policy applies