Indian Head Massage

‘Someone busier than you is getting a massage right now, make the time for yourself’

Indian Head Massage has been practiced in India for over 1000 years. Traditionally the techniques were restricted to the head and hair, to improve the scalp and hair condition of Indian women. Today a system incorporating the upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms and face, has evolved (developed by Norendra Mehta) in the belief that these are important energy centres in the body, and by treating these, the whole body can benefit.

Indian Head Massage can help with the following:
Migraines, headaches and back pain
Sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia
Stimulating hair growth
Detoxifying the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage
Symptoms of Anxiety & Depression
Renewing energy levels
Improving circulation, which in turn increases energy levels.
Increasing feelings of peace, calm and well being.
Improving concentration levels.

1 hour treatment (including consultation) £20

1/2 Express treatment (including consultation) £10

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